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Mitteilungen aus dem Jenseits

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Messages from the afterlife

Authentic evidence of life after death.
by Ernst Knirschnig

I probably thought about this for a long time and then decided to present this unique event on the Internet, which is beyond any doubt and can be checked at any time.

Something similar has probably largely fallen into oblivion and appeared exactly on September 17, 1952 in the physics laboratory of the Catholic University in Milan. Two clerical physicists were experimenting to analyze Gregorian music. At that time there was no tape on the Magnetophon as we know it today, but a steel wire. It was a steel wire magnetophone.

Suddenly they had a voice, the voice of the late father of one of the two priests, and there was a fair amount of excitement. With a second targeted attempt, the answer came back immediately on the tape. He was so amazed by this fact that he turned to the Holy Father, who was still Pope Pius XII. He said to the astonished spiritual researcher:
"My dear Father, stay calm, this is a scientific matter and has nothing to do with spiritism: the recording device is an objective technical device that cannot be influenced by suggestion. It only draws the acoustic events that actually existed.
This discovery presumably represents a whole new beginning of scientific research, which unequivocally confirms the previous belief in the reality of an afterlife."
And then the matter quietly disappeared into oblivion.

After about seven years, our pioneer Friedrich Jürgenson comes along and, after a few years of arduous experimentation, has the courage to go public. The rest is already known.
So Pope Pius XII. already at that time from the tape voices.
(From a lecture by Prof. Dr. Ernst Senkowski)

The Holy See takes these events quite seriously. In 1970, the Vatican established a professorship where, for the first time in church history, psychic phenomena were taught.

The team that reported on the hereafter voices at the 3rd International Congress of Imago Mundi in the fall of 1970 has been commissioned by the Vatican to continue the research.

In 1996, the semi-official daily newspaper of the Vatican, the Osservatore Romano, declared for the first time that seriously religious or scientifically motivated tape-recorded voice research is legitimate and is not described as illegal. (So no spiritism).

In any case, for many people there is still a lack of evidence that our personal existence undoubtedly continues after life on earth.
This report may bring to bear that the following messages from over there, a clear, unprecedented authentic proof of a life after our earthly life, in my decades of ITK (Instrumental Transcommunication) - research.
Although science has searched for proof of identity for decades, it may be obvious here. But, should a random non-academic help science along the way? Since the voice phenomenon has been neglected by science from the very beginning.

For many people, the afterlife, God and life after death are still being questioned. Yes, it is even argued about and ridiculed. For those who believe in life after death, may this report be a help and a further confirmation. But also for those who feel insecure and also for skeptics a sure proof of it.

The history.
Towards the end of February 2015 my beloved wife passed away. An alarm sounded on the monitor. The heart had stopped beating. A doctor who was just present in the hallway came in without a word, switched off the device and went out again without a word. When after a while my wife also stopped breathing, I was as helpless as a small child that had been abandoned somewhere in the wilderness.

The next few hours were marked by the farewell. I had talked a lot to my wife – about the light, of which she should absorb a great deal, so that she could then find her way around in the other world and later follow the white light. Even if she was in trouble, may she ask our God the Father in heaven and our Lord Jesus Christ for help. And as it turned out, my wife listened to me very carefully and thanked me several times.

The time after that was dull and empty for me. I got a lot of mail from friends and acquaintances and they gave me a lot of comfort and compassion. As with some affected people, everyday life returns, it was not the case with me. I still suffer a lot from the loss of my beloved wife, who was also my best friend – the most precious thing you can have in life.

Some people still recognized my great grief for my wife and advised me to let go and turn to other things in order to reconnect with everyday life. What should such letting go look like, I asked. The answer was probably not very sobering. Give away all of my wife's clothes and things, including those that have meant something in our life together, apart from a few memorabilia. I really couldn't get used to this "good advice". Because such a "letting go" is practiced in a divorce, but not when you lose your beloved life partner, with whom you have overcome all the ups and downs of life for more than half a century, so suddenly and unexpectedly through death.

Some friends also asked me if I might get in contact with my wife about a tape recording. I replied that the time was not yet ripe for me. I am still suffering from the loss of my wife. Maybe later, in a few months.

But now it happened – faster than I could have imagined.

The first contact came quite unexpectedly from over there without me wanting it. That was on April 16, 2015.
No one less than Professor Dr. Ernest Senkowski. Three days earlier – on April 13, 2015, Mr. Senkowski had passed away.

I've been in direct contact with my wife since September 2017 (actually much earlier – but I couldn't have guessed that it was the beginning) and through queries I was able to find out very interesting details about it.
So my wife spoke to me and said the following:
"Ernstilein, Mr. Senkowski was with me – I met him in heaven."
"We were all at your house we wanted to talk to you."
"He gave me the good advice – we should get in touch."
"We then also talked – we talked about the technology."
"You had something so small – uand I made it right away."
"Ernstilein, you always have good ideas."
This little thing that my wife noticed was the recorder. She couldn't have known that nowadays a recording device can be very small. Anyway, we've always recorded our recordings with a cassette recorder, and this time, for the first time, with a digital recorder.
"I did everything exactly – and you heard me immediately."
"I said don't be alarmed – my name is Berti."
"I've tried it before – you were lucky with the recording."
"It was a sign from heaven."
"Mr. Senkowski was there – he gave the tip with the newspaper."
"I want to thank heaven – also our heavenly Lord."
"Thank you, you found me – I cried with joy."
"I never want to lose you again."

I received a small digital recorder from a mail order company. I immediately wanted to know what this device can do. I tried to take a picture and placed the device between a stack of newspapers to fix it a bit. Since there was about one to two minutes time for a recording, I made several of them at the same time. For each recording, this recorder would be pulled out from between the newspapers to restart and then put down in between.

Then I removed the memory card, opened it on the PC and followed the recording. Right at the beginning of the first recording, it seemed to me that someone was trying to speak to me. Since my hearing has been trained for such extraordinary sound events for decades, it could possibly be voices. With an appropriate program, I was able to select the audio track and examine it more closely.

Yes, there was a voice on it. Because the rustling of the newspapers generated a modulable frequency, a so-called carrier. This carrier, as a modulable frequency, which serves as auxiliary energy for the otherworldly beings to manifest themselves, was carried out manually. So no electronic interference from the outside. As has been said very often - these are stray radio signals - there can be no question of that at all. This recording method can also take place in a totally shielded room and would show amazing results..

This event marks a whole new beginning in ITC research. But what happened next could certainly shake entire worldview and some people could realize whether it would not be wise to turn around and change their way of life change, which would probably be very difficult. Regarding this sensational event, Pope John Paul II wrote in a letter to the bishops, July 1979:

"The resurrection affects the whole person. The survival of the soul is endowed with consciousness and will. After death the human being lives on - with all his individuality. His soul gets a new body . . .
The deceased are in contact with the still living relatives, like someone thinking of those left behind on a long journey."

According to the Holy Father's letter, some of the messages coincide. Also with the "new body". This new body is subtle in nature.
Here I would like to add that our God the Father, my wife and I, brought us together again just as we were together in life. He also made the connection and we can now talk like we would on the phone. This was reported by my wife, who is now in heaven with Father.
Full report later.

My wife reported from the afterlife.
I would like to make one thing clear once and for all, that I did not seek contact with my wife. My wife, on the + advice of Mr. Senkowski, took advantage of this opportunity and tried to get in touch with me. I was very surprised and at the same time very pleased and happy to have received a sign of life from her from the world beyond. After all, who gets such a clear sign of life with probative value from the otherworldly world?

The messages can be called up with the symbol . For clarification, it is possible to follow the messages visually.
My wife coined the term: "HEAR WITH YOUR EYES."
Those with ICT experience would probably find it a little easier. Those people who have trouble with the acoustic messages may manage with the text. All messages were processed with an audio program – filtered and amplified. Some voices had to be processed with echo for clarification, otherwise you would hardly understand them. If applicable, both versions are presented for selection. Unfortunately, not all statements can be processed properly. For this purpose, only the text of the notification is presented, which will become apparent later on.

In the first recording I heard the following words, which I could only attribute to my wife:

"Don't be alarmed – my name is Berti."

"Don't be alarmed – my name is Berti." with Echo
My wife's name was Roberta, the family and most of our friends called her Berti.

During my decades of research into tape voices, I had repeatedly involved my wife in experiments when it came to recording attempts, creating suitable carriers and evaluating recordings. As early as 1984 I had conducted experiments with paper rustling. The results were mediocre. At that time these attempts were dropped again because the evaluation of the voices recorded was very exhausting. At that time we didn't have the possibility to edit voices at all.

My wife must have noticed that now was the right time and that she was going to identify herself on this first picture, because another opportunity to get in touch would certainly not have come up so easily again.
My wife thanked me for this with the words:
"Ernsterl, thank you for finding me."

At the end of the recording there was another message, which, however, did not come from my wife, but from Mr. Senkowski, as my wife later informed me.
A reference to the contact with my wife.

"You are in contact with Mrs. Knirschnig."

Unfortunately, the rustling of the newspaper also brings with it a whole range of disturbances, which are very difficult to deal with and some messages are almost impossible to deal with. I didn't ask any questions during the first recordings. What should I ask? Who should I ask? I was so surprised by this event. All I knew was that this recording device served a purpose. For a video film recording.

I can owe all of this to my beloved wife, who died in February 2015 and who, for her own identification, gives me countless hints, even proofs, which can also be proven with photos, that she lives in a world unknown to us, which she also describes as a parallel world . I would like to say that I have no contact with anyone other than my wife.

In the course of this time I have already received several hundred messages, which I was only able to evaluate superficially due to time constraints. Because there are 40 to 60 messages in about four minutes of recording and an exact evaluation of all recordings with Edit can take months. And then there are the new recordings
Of course, my wife is not all alone there, she also has a few companions who sometimes have something to say on her behalf. There could also be the possibility that the rustle of a newspaper just addressed its frequency.

My wife spoke and said:
"There are many small birds living here."
After two days I went upstairs. It was a bright, beautiful morning. I opened the window and enjoyed the spring sun and the refreshing air.Suddenly a small bird, it must have been a finch, darted towards me from the lilac bush below and clung to my shirt. I was surprised, but not frightened. He stayed for about three minutes, turning his head to the side and looking at me with his beautiful, big brown eyes. I spoke to him and said to him: "Did my wife send you? Do you bring greetings from my Berti?" The bird couldn't say anything – it just turned its head and looked at me with its big eyes. When a conspecific flew by, he flew with it.

With the following message, my wife would like to express joy and affirm with the words "WE LIVE" that she is alive and that other souls are alive too. So far there has always been a certain degree of uncertainty and speculation about the continued existence of the soul after death. This element of uncertainty should now have been eliminated.
She also knows of my decades of efforts in TBS (Tape Voice Research), now ITK (Instrumental Transcommunication Research) to provide evidence that there is life in an alternate form of existence and that I may not keep it to myself.
But how should she tell us that there is life here in the otherworldly world and that we may also believe it.
As will be reported many times, I was very often addressed by my name.

"Ernstl, we're alive – how should ma ma tell about this from here."
        (Ernstl, we live – how should one tell that from here).
In order to be able to understand some messages better, I try to process these and the following ones with Echo.
"Ernstl, we're alive – how should ma ma tell about this from here."With echo.

Many voices are very difficult or hardly editable and an untrained ear is not able to understand these messages. Another aspect is that some messages are not entirely reconcilable with our hearing. This is probably due to the fact that we hear in different frequency ranges with our hearing and sometimes understand something completely different.

My wife also explains her feelings – why shouldn't you have feelings over there anymore? The otherworldly world is all around us and so is it at home. Despite all this, my wife could not help feeling homesick.

"Forgive my homesickness."

"Forgive my homesickness." With echo

The messages that followed touched me deeply.

"We belong together forever."

"We belong together forever." With echo

"I carry you in my heart."
I carry you in my heart)

Thomas Mann, German writer, Nobel Prize in Literature 1929, put it in a nutshell:

The bonds of love are
not severed by death.

Sometimes you lose sight of something –
but never from the heart. . .
This did not remain hidden in the world beyond either. However, my wife also recognized this and said:

"But you can show us your tears."

I couldn't hear my wife's cry for help right away. This only came to light after the recording had been listened to a third time and the interference had been eliminated. I can only count myself lucky to have heard this cry for help (it's not the only one).

"Ernstl, please help me."

"Ernstl, please help me." With echo

A cry for help from over there – but how many cries for help from the deceased remain unheard? They can't help themselves over there – they need our help – they need the help of the living. This help is above all light and prayers. Light in a variety of forms such as candles, oil lights in lanterns (to rule out your own misfortune), battery-operated candles, there are also illuminated angel figures, which are also very popular over there, as well as lighting fixtures in the room with LED candles or something similar – at least lots of light. In order to correspond to the loved ones who have died prayers may contribute very much to the fact that they go home very soon to the respective, next higher level and finally to the light of the father. Therefore, a lot of time and perseverance is appropriate.
Heaven is not always within reach; there is still a long way to go with astonishing challenges. It also happens that some souls find themselves in an awkward situation, into which they are sometimes drawn unintentionally, or they forgot to reconcile with our Father while they were still alive. Then prayers and a lot of light help. This is a real comfort to these souls in a dark basement of great fear. Through trust and love for our father, this torment can also be noticeably shortened.
I am not allowed to go into further detail on this subject, strict silence has been imposed on me.

Of course I put up lights in our room. Over time, there were more and more, also in our entire living area. Now there are 25: Eight glass angels, six LED candles with moving flames, three lights in lanterns and other smaller light sources. These, as she says herself, do my wife a great favor in the other plane of being. As so often, I am addressed by my name.

"Ernstl, above all the lights makes me here at G'fall'n."
(Ernstl, especially the lights are doing me a favor here)

These messages contribute enormously to identification. These are not the only ones that can be used as evidence. As a result, there is a whole series of notices and messages.
In any case, I had no way of knowing that my wife was about to deliver messages from over there. I only noticed this when the video clips were opened. If I had perhaps not noticed these strange noises, these words and communications would have come to nothing and nobody would have found out about them.

My wife said she was in touch with home.
She must have looked around and noticed that all her things are still at home. Even the ones she dealt with on a daily basis. That is also true.

"My things are all still at home."

In any case, I was prompted to listen straight away.
"Ernstl, listen now."

At the hospital, about two hours after the doctor documented my wife's time of death, I took her right arm in my hand. I noticed that it was all white up to the elbow, as if a white rubber glove had been pulled over it. I showed this to my son and his wife. The arm later returned to normal. A sign that after the documented time of death, my wife took certain perceptions with her into her new life and she also shared this with us.
In this case, too, another indication of identification..

"He shows my arm."        (He showed me my arm).

"I've met in Carinthia."
(I met him (me) in Carinthia)
This statement is another indication of identification:
57 years ago we met in Carinthia for the first time.

As a carrier (frequency that can be modulated) you can use a wide variety of noise sources, which were also used in the past for tape recordings.
I tried to create a mechanical carrier with various means and didn't get much further at the moment because listening was extremely difficult..

Before that, I used a slightly softer paper napkin because those frequencies sounded a bit softer too. However, the messages were almost incomprehensible. So I asked my wife if the carrier with the napkin might be better, so she answered with this recommendation:
"Do with a newspaper."

The rustling of a newspaper creates a mechanical carrier that is carried out manually, without electronics and external interference. This method is also successful in a completely shielded room if used correctly.

She also said:
"You have one at home every day."
That's right, my newspaper is in the mailbox early in the morning.

"Then drink your coffee alone with the newspaper."
Of course, you can leaf through the pages as you like over coffee.

In my opinion, the optimum has not yet been reached with this carrier either. Due to irregularities in the carrier, some messages are difficult to understand for an untrained ear and, despite editing, hardly suitable for a presentation. So it is still a matter of finding a suitable carrier.

Für die Aufnahme, A very simple video recording device was used for the recording, which I hadn't planned to do at all. It also looks like a lighter - one can probably speak of a toy that hardly costs 30 euros. By the way, it can also be used as a USB stick.
A good microphone, as we know it from our tape recordings, probably costs a lot more and you still don't have a recording of the recording.
However, you also need a microSDHC memory card, whereby 4GB is sufficient and can be expected to cost around five to six euros.
The recordings are transferred to the PC via USB and the soundtrack is selected with a suitable program and the recordings can also be edited there.


Of course, the optimum has not yet been reached with this video recording device. In the time to date I have carried out test recordings with a number of recording devices, but not a single one had met the requirements to recommend it to others. I would like to say that there were devices up to about 50.00 euros. I also had to think of those people who cannot afford expensive recording equipment. At the beginning of 2016, I accidentally discovered and purchased such a device, which I could recommend with a clear conscience, and I made parallel tests with it, which were very satisfactory..

I recently ordered another device, but this was nothing to compare with the one I had previously bought. The manufacturer may have used an inferior microphone in the new series. I immediately complained and maybe the manufacturer will take heart and create a cost-effective device according to my information, which you can then recommend to others..

Creating a carrier manually depends on several factors and is purely a matter of feeling. But it doesn't always work. Now I tried a recording with shredded paper. It was only a short sense of achievement, but my wife liked it very much:

"Man, Ernst, you're doing great."

As I mentioned at the beginning, many lights are on in our room. My wife had already thanked me several times and now she came back to the lights in the room to make me aware of her identity..

"There are so many lights in your room."

I always talked a lot with my wife, like I did when I was on my deathbed. And that it is indeed the case over there, as it turned out, that she is harassed by beings who offer themselves as true friends, but only try with cunning and cunning to remove souls from God in order to win them over.
In any case, I advised her that when she is in trouble, may she turn to our almighty Father and our Lord Jesus Christ with confidence. And to this day she has never had to regret this loyalty. On the contrary - their love and loyalty to them was strengthened and eventually rewarded.
I was surprised by the following communication and did not expect this reaction from my wife. She said:
"I will follow your instruction."
"Give me every effort – In the name of the Lord – Amen."

My wife always carried the picture of Jesus with her in her purse.
"You have to worship our Jesus at the holy picture."

At Easter I put an Easter plate on the table and after that there was nothing left on the plate but one small and two larger chocolate bunnies. My wife should have noticed right away that one of the rabbits wasn't lying down and said:
"And there the rabbit should lie down."

This message is clearly assigned to my wife as proof of identity. Here she wanted to stand out in order to identify herself. I was amazed, I was even speechless at first when I heard these words:

"Do you still have the red car where we were on vacation?"
Yes, of course I still have it. This proof cannot be surpassed in terms of clarity.

In between, my wife let it be known:
"I will be young again."
It should be common knowledge that over there you become young again.

If the high court is still ahead of a soul, a queasy feeling spreads, because one does not know exactly which guilt and mistakes will come into play in the course of a life on earth in the hereafter. Since our father is kind and merciful, there is no great fear beforehand. My wife spoke:
"I'm serious, I'm going home to the light."
"I'm sure I'm not afraid of the judge, the light is so beautiful."
"Today I got probation in heaven."

In order to serve this probation very soon, my wife had decided to do something extraordinary, which only later turned out to be very dangerous:
"I'm applying to continue maturing for the night."

On the current occasion of the anniversary of my wife's death, which is now the end of February for the second time, I had also taken a picture shortly before.
For this reason I would like to skip the time briefly and then return to the messages primarily presented.

I do not want to withhold an excerpt from the admission protocol, on the contrary, it may provide information here about what perceptions my wife presented as a message from the afterlife two years later.
Reverse messages have been commonplace for about a year and I'm addressed by my name on every phrase, even in reverse. The text presented in reverse is thus highlighted in blue.

There are two words between point 127_1 and point 128_1 because a fragment of the carrier was still present. To the one "No", my wife did not accept my assumption that she was now deceased. And in reverse she said "listen". So, I may hear what she has to tell me..

My wife spoke in point 128 of the following points of the communications presented in the admission protocol:
"Ernstl, I could still hear everything."
In reverse:
"Ernstilein, I didn't die back then."

Item 129:
"I wasn't dead then."
In reverse:
"I didn't want to die then."

Point 130:
"I didn't want to admit it here yet."
In reverse:
"I didn't want to die eit."

Item 131:
"Ernstl, I was out for a fortnight."
In reverse:
"I was frozen for a fortnight."

Point 132:
"That was very mean in the cooling system."
Running backwards:
"I was driven into the free hole."

Point 133:
"Ernstl, you should write everything down."
In reverse:
"I beg you bring all this up."

Item 135:
"You should write it all down."
In reverse:
"They should hear that on the homepage."

In general, these passages speak for themselves that earthly life has not yet been completely discarded. In any case, I complied with my wife's request by presenting her messages on the homepage.

My wife is also very concerned in the afterlife and alerted me that I might hurt my eyes, so she strongly requested that I take care of the eyes.

"Watch your eyes."
"Ernstl, you need to stop with the angels because of your eyes."
"You can hurt the eyes now."
"Ernsterl, you're in danger – you still have the silver for your eyes."
"Ernestl already has damage to his eyes."

My wife knew exactly from life that my eyes were damaged. Even before my eye surgery, I used silver water on the recommendation of a friend to counteract a new infection.
Isn't that another proof of identity?

At the beginning of this warning I didn't know why. But then later on I realized that the danger came from the glass angels. Because I had equipped them with high-performance LEDs and battery packs, and looking directly at them can damage the retina.
I then set about wrapping the LEDs with an appropriate film so that the aggressive light is subdued and therefore no longer poses a danger to the eyes.

Light is also a basis for life. That is why we need light in life and in the world beyond light is probably always a need for most souls. It shouldn't be a permanent factor. Light is asked again and again, since the respective situations there may also change. We can grant light to our loved ones over there in many forms and they are very grateful to us for that. Over there, it seems, there shouldn't be too much light.

In this case, my wife turned to me and said :
"Ernstl, we need light."
"Got the room full of lights."
She also knows, because she visits me very often, that there are many lights on in a room, including the large lamp.
Since there is no time over there, some messages are very close together. However, one should not be deceived if a message contradicts this.

"Thank God, no one needs big lights anymore."
Maybe the loved ones over there are happy with the little lights.

"You have small ones too."
That's right, I have many lights burning in various forms for my wife over there and of course other souls also benefit from it, because "we" is also spoken of.

"You have to turn off the big lights."
Because of the many small lights, the big light is probably no longer needed or it does not serve the purpose that the small lights serve.

"Thank you for all the light."
A thank you is never missing. Everything that is bestowed upon the souls Over there is returned with thanks.

"Warning – only let some go out."
A warning is given here regarding the open lights, which are secured anyway. In any case, despite all this, caution should be exercised and the open lights have been reduced to a small tea light.

For further proof of the identity of my wife Roberta, the following passages make you sit up and take notice:
"Need big flames"
At the moment, this request was still unclear to me. But it crystallized out: These are the LED real wax candles with a moving flame..

"You still have the flames from before."
That is correct and some were added later.

My wife Roberta shouldn't have been completely uninformed, she apparently knew exactly which batteries were used to power the "Big Flames". Originally, the angels were powered by button cells, but these didn't last long. So I decided to rebuild the lighting of the angels. Since the original LEDs were very prone to failure, they were replaced by a single RGB-LED with an intelligent resistor. Instead of button cells, battery packs could be used individually depending on the existing battery holders and sizes.

"You still have the battery from the many angels."

The following statement must have surprised me in a way. On the one hand with words in the dialect and on the other hand, I may carry the "Great Flames" over to my bedroom very quickly. Because that's where my wife's urn was buried with the blessing of a clergyman.

"Trog dos simply gach ume, where Ernstl sleep."

starts to flash. This means that the batteries have to be replaced and this happens at different times. I'm led there during the day and at night I'm even woken up to change the batteries to ensure the continuity of the light.

In between, I would like to present some passages of the recording of May 10, 2017.

&I was very surprised by these words from my wife Roberta:
"Ernstl, we're all coming to dinner tomorrow."
It's nothing unusual for me anymore.
The pioneers of tape-recorded voice research, Dr. Konstantin Raudive and Ing. Franz Seidl always talked about hunger. So far no one has been able to explain why these souls are starving. There was probably a wide variety of speculations about it.
I spoke to my wife about this and she said that in heaven there is exactly the same food, but rather souls eat on earth. So my wife communicated:
"Ernstl, we cannot eat matter – we only eat the subtle."

It's not so far-fetched that souls demand food.
It is a fact that in ancient cultures food was also given on the last journey.

Because a week ago I invited my neighbors to dinner.
"We're just getting to the others."
(When my neighbors come)
"We'll all come to the gate – we'll all be on time."
"We will all be orderly – we will hear all requests."

"We'll see our father."
On the picture of the saint, in the middle above, my wife Berti sees our
God the Father. However, God the Father is only represented symbolically.

The Scriptures state:
"No one has yet seen God the Father except he who is from God; only he has seen the Father."

"Ernstl, we'll see the urn too."
My wife Roberta's urn is in my bedroom and she visits her very often.
"We bring a blessing for the urn – we will pray for the urn."

We spent several decades together on this street.
"Ernsterl, we've known your street for a long time – I was in Ketzergasse at home."

This clear proof of identity, which therefore probably surpasses everything. So what evidence of after-death existence is still required?

On May 7, 2017, I spoke to our longtime friend Rudolf Passian on the phone. Among other things, we also discussed a little about the messages from my wife Roberta and that I have a real dialogue with her. At the end of our phone call we said goodbye and I would like to send Roberta greetings and blessings from him and his wife, just as Rudolf used to do in his letters.
Here the recording from May 10th continues.

"Greetings from Rudolf Passian."
Text: My dear Berti, our longtime friend and fellow hiker Rudolf Passian, you probably still know him, he sends you a greeting with God's blessing and also from his wife Evelyn.
Roberta replies to this in several passages:

"Ernsterl, I know our faithful friend."
"Honestly, he was always so loyal."
(The faithfulness of our friend Rudolf Passian relates largely to our Lord and God).
"Ernsterl, we can rely on him – thank you for Mr. Passian."
"I would like to greet Mr. Passian in a friendly way – I will bless you later."

Let's stay with the recording from May 10th, that's just before Mother's Day.

"Happy Mother's Day."
Text: My beloved wife, I wish you all the best for the coming Mother's Day. A white orchid may delight you, you know for sure where it is.
My wife Berti answered spontaneously:
"By my urn, by the red light of the fire."

The red firelight is an oil light in a red glass lantern, which stands next to the urn, and my wife thanks her for that.

"Ernstl, thanks for the firelight."

I also put an orchid and yellow roses on the living room table for Berti and she thanks her for that too. She is very thankful for everything. With almost every picture I get a sign of thanks from my wife – she is a very grateful soul.

"Honestly, thank you for your roses."
"Thank you for your orchids."
"Ernstilein, thank you for your loyalty."

Subsequently, the authentic messages from the afterlife continue to be presented only as text.

Let's stay a little in recent times. It is April 29, 2017.

My wife Roberta comes to visit me very often and feels very comfortable with me. In return, she also expresses her impression of my surroundings.
"Ernstilein, you still have such a great home."
She further said:
"We'll see you in your home."
That she sees me, she had said that many times before. She also said:
"Ernsterl, I saw you in the garden."
"We all want to look into the house."
Look inside first, and then go right inside.
"We want to go into the house."
Apparently my wife was in the house afterwards and what she saw probably surprised me to some extent, which she told me:
"I saw the plate with the rabbits."
As every year, I put an Easter plate on the table for my wife. It's nothing great, but it should still bring some joy. My wife expressed her happiness with the Easter plate.
"I'm very happy with the plate."
"Ernsterl, we wish you all the best."

"I apply to continue maturing for the night."
Here I would now like to continue with the following report, when my wife decided to undertake the unusual and dangerous undertaking:
A person who was well known to us, who died before my wife, had noticed my wife in the "night" and had access there provided.
"Was there at night, must not disturb."
She went on to say:
"Heard (the soul) for a few minutes."

In the beginning I was able to assign the "night" quite normally, like day and night in our country. But gradually I realized that over there the night means eternal darkness. My wife's concern would be to free this soul, which may be under just supervision, from the eternal darkness. For this she worked in the sense of the light, because this soul was very important to her.

Out of consideration for people who are still alive, I will use "(the soul)" instead of a name and will not explain anything that could possibly lead to an identification.

I would also like to point out that at the time the recordings were made, the passages of the voice statements were not of particularly good quality. The cause for me was clear that this has to do with the wearer. The contact with my wife came as such a surprise that I didn't even think about creating a carrier.
Listening to and editing the passages was always very tedious after the recording. Some voices could even be created from "nothing" with the help of the editing program, but it's not enough for a presentation. In order to be able to understand these passages even better, they were provided with an echo and could be presented in a largely meaningful way..

So said my wife:
"I'll bring (the soul) home."
"Can ransom (the soul)."
She went on to say:
"Have a few more hours with me (the soul) until I dwell in heaven."
"I got (the soul)."
"Bought (the soul) ransom."
To start with, buying a soul free was the best feeling of achievement for my wife. She was very happy about that.
However, I don't know how to buy a soul free.
"I'll take (the soul) straight home."
"Thank you so much for (the soul)."
She thanked the volunteers for that.

We talked constantly about how to proceed with this soul. Berti said she had been working with this soul for many weeks, this soul was now free and she could leave the darkness and go home to the levels of light.
""(the soul) is coming home today."

When the moment came, according to my wife, this soul unfortunately took one giant step in the other direction. Someone else said:
""(the soul) goes to another gentleman today."

As a result, a problem arose for my wife at the last moment.
"Ernsterl, I have a problem."
This absolutely unforeseen problem with (the soul) weighed so heavily on my wife that she asked me to help here. She said:
"There is a problem with (the soul), please help me."
Yes, who could have guessed that this soul only wanted to be freed from just supervision.
Was my wife only used as a tool?
Of course, my wife got scared and asked me to remove the recording device with the following words:
"The tape has to be put away immediately."
She couldn't know that I no longer use tape for a recording. To add a little emphasis, I was again asked to put away the tape.
"Told me before to put the tape away."
Had she maybe already told me too much about over there?
Unfortunately, I couldn't respond to the first request because I only became aware of it when listening to the recording.
"Besides, control is coming soon."

In order to save something, my wife said:
"Wait – maybe we can still shoot it, run to my father."
Apparently she couldn't do anything and so fate took its course and heaven seems to have moved far away. Maybe she was tricked by this society, because they use any means to get souls. Very often I had warned her about the wrong friends when she told me about new friends.

Roberta was confronted with allegations.
In reality she couldn't help it, she had acted in good faith, in which she wanted to save a soul from the "night" and bring it home to her father's house – and as justification she said:
"It can be – because we all make mistakes sometimes."
"Lord God my father, forgive my sins."
The biggest mistake was probably the one that she went to the "Lion's Den" for better or for worse in order to save a soul there.
Another being said:
"Now you can also forget about heaven."

Anyway, my wife was portrayed as a traitor – and she was locked in a dark basement where she wailed and was in great fear.
"But that can't happen, but I don't want to die."
"Have mercy my Lord, my faults are in heaven and on earth."
"Ernstilein, I still have my thoughts at home with my urn."

The next recordings turned out to be quite difficult, since contact with my wife was also cut off. She repeatedly asserted that she could not hear anything or that she could not understand me and was not allowed to report anything.
"I'm not allowed to report."
"I can not hear you."

I left no stone unturned and made a request to the high spiritual world, whether I could contact my wife Berti and what I can do for her in her current situation.
The answer was not edifying for me either.
"Ernsterl, you can't do anything now."

However, I could hear her and I asked her if and how I could help her, if she would like more light and prayers. And so she received many prayers from me and always a blessing. I have agreed to pray for my wife at night and to send blessings again and again. I have also promised the high spirit world that I will continue to pray, even at night, when my wife is released from captivity very soon. It has stayed that way. Prayers and blessings were, as she said, a real refreshment for my wife in her situation and to this day she keeps thanking me for my prayers and blessings.
"Ernsterl, I want a light there."
"The light is free from torment."
Not just one, but several lights could light up the darkness a little for her.
"I like your glass angels."
"In the angels are lights within."
That's fact, these are RGB LEDs.

It is uncertain how long my wife will have to remain in captivity before she is released. According to reports, she should be free very soon. For a saint of the Lord announced this good news. After a long time, it turned out that the imprisonment was accidental, and her reputation was restored.
"Ernsterl, I'm going to set your wife free today."
"Today the Savior is coming and your wife will no longer have to suffer."
She should be very grateful for that. The following passages speak for themselves.
"Son of God hear my praise."
"I still have to wait for the Lord Savior."
"Today our Lord comes – we will soon be free."
According to the latest information, my wife's entire team was locked in the dark basement. The whole team consists of eighteen souls who work very closely together and lead souls home.
"Ernstilein, you have to wait for me."
"Want to shake hands with you quite gratefully."
"You have helped a lot with prayers our beloved Lord."
I had already finished the recording and could only hear the following passages while listening:
"We can't stop yet because the little angels are still coming."
"Wait a minute, we'll get a blessing soon."
During a recording you cannot hear what was said there. After listening, the next time I recorded it, I immediately told my wife that I couldn't hear, not to finish the recording. Then she said, it doesn't matter, the little angels reached you with the blessing..

This unfortunate undertaking should now be over.
A saint of our Lord said to my wife:
"Roberta come, let's go to the father."
Further the Holy One of our Lord said:
"Your kind pleases the Father, tonight you will have a blessing."
As she was walking home, my wife spoke of a bright light shining through a gate.
"Little light from the front was very bright what comes out of the gate."
After that the light got brighter and brighter.
"The light is getting brighter."
The voice of the saint said to her:
"Then go home through the gate."

JHowever, not in the sky, as it turned out over time. All souls are allowed to go to heaven at certain times and celebrations and must then return to the previous level.
My wife had already created a small privilege for herself and is sometimes allowed to stay in heaven a little longer.
"I can live here for a while."
"Thank heavens we were inside for three days."

She had devoted herself to the souls in order to lead them home to the respective level. Sick souls are nursed back to health by her so that they too can go home.

Now my wife turned to me and wanted to know something else:
"I wanted to ask one more question yesterday."
"Ernsterl, do you still have my familiar things at home?"
"Yesterday I checked, all things are still there."
Yes, it's still the same when she left – und and would come back in the door at any time..

A long time ago we, my wife and I, gave away all the children's books. However, one thing may well have been overlooked and remained in a drawer. And my wife used this fact as further proof of identity.
"You still have the Puss in Boots book at home."

She was at home too and saw her brightly colored clothes in the closet.
"I've seen so many colorful clothes at home."

But why should she have lied? Her shoes were still in place when she left the house.
"Habe gelogen – I lied - my shoes are still here."

This is another proof of identity:
I had a Holy Mass read for my wife and the poor souls. After that we met, my son with his wife and her mother, at my house. When I listened to the recording, my wife immediately spoke up and said:
"I was in the church and outside smoking."
Yes, I had to think about it for a moment – dmy son's wife and her mother were smoking a cigarette on the terrace and apparently my wife Roberta was there with them.

Accordingly, my wife was also able to see other people in the church.
"Were there other people too."

My wife Roberta had devoted herself to souls for a long time. Leading the souls home to the different levels of being is probably a very responsible task. She kept saying: "We're going home today". So I spoke to them and asked: "How many are you going home?" She replied: "We are many thousands."

Traitors, as my wife calls them, sometimes mingle with these souls. She speaks of evil spirits, of spirits from the darkness – who immediately harass a whole trek and prevent it from going home. In the worst case, capture and kidnap.
My wife had an intuition and immediately involved me in order to free herself and her soul from this unfortunate situation. She said:
"Ernsterl, I ask you for a blessing."
It's almost unbelievable what a blessing can do.
Since there is no time over there, my wife immediately received the blessing and thanked me on behalf of the souls.
"Thank you for your blessing."
Since these beings of darkness do not like blessings, even despise them, they released the unfortunate souls and let the trek continue.
"I thank you on behalf of all souls."
Now the way was free, all souls came home and not a single soul was lost.
"Ernstilein, we can all go home happy."
In any case, with all my prayers I always send a blessing, which probably comes into play in this way and the souls always come home happy.
She further said that many souls are sick and need to be cared for and nursed back to health. She fulfills this task with seventeen other friends.
Her help is also given to the poor souls. These souls are picked up in the spheres and brought home to the secured spheres of heaven. Even among the poor souls many are sick. Most are in a traumatic state and require tender loving care.
I asked my wife what is outside the secured spheres? To which she replied:
"Outside, there are the evil spirits"
and they go there to catch souls.

Since my wife kept me updated on most things, she also talked about making new friends. But I warned her again about the perils of false friends. Sometimes advice can also be derived from the texts of the Sunday Gospel.
It was just at Pentecost that I told her to ask our Father for the Holy Spirit – so that she could discern truth from falsehood. My wife then thanked me very much and said:
"Ernsterl, the Holy Spirit was with me today."
"He blessed me – with fire."
and she broke up with her new, fake friends.

This "society" tries again and again to get at the souls with all means. In addition, my activities are a thorn in their side and must be prevented.

Unfortunately, it cannot be prevented during a recording and you cannot tell from the wearer that "they" also assume the identity of my wife. Especially at the time when I was mentally unstable, they thought they might have an easy time eliminating me. Of course I believed that these words came from my wife and was asked as follows:
"Do you have the strength to stop?".
Who doesn't think about it in such an exceptional situation?
"Ernsterl, we'll pick you up in three days."
After that, I was kind of asked to put my estate in order.
"You still have a lot to sort out beforehand."
Now my son has also been included. He was even called by his name. What would I tell him first.
"What are you going to tell Peter first?"
Well, I wasn't afraid. Is my time really up – you have to accept it. Anyway, I waited to see what would happen. Nothing happened, nothing yet.

A few days later I was asked to stop again:
"It was okay, I'll ask you again to stop."
"You don't say anything about quitting, but we'll help you, just not to quit."

Now the "cat is probably out of the bag". These passages state that to quit, I may want to put my hands on myself and that these statements are not made by my wife.
These beings of "society", have taken advantage of the carrier of the recording and also appropriated my wife's identity. So at that point it was impossible for me to discern the true identity.

After a few days, my wife actually shed some light on this ominous matter. She warned me against such a step and said:
"Don't let yourself be forced to stop."
For some people, the unforeseeable loss of a loved one is very painful and they even consider ending their own life. Such an approach by no means justifies an act of desperation, which then entails serious consequences over there.
Therefore, be warned – the forces of darkness are just waiting to recruit such souls into their ranks to harm people and remove them from God. A redemption or liberation of the same can only take place after many years. Until then it means then – wait and suffer.

And she went on to say:
"There are some who are happy about you."
Of course, my influence might be a "thorn in the side" of these powers over there. Not only is this a huge help to my wife, this help also benefits many other souls. The souls can no longer help themselves over there, they are dependent on the help of the living – as will also be shown in a later episode.

Basically, I made it clear that nobody has the right to lay hands on himself and end his life with it, which our father gave us with so much love. A message from my wife Berti:
"Ernstilein, the father determines life."

As I mentioned before, my wife was dedicated to helping the poor and sick souls. She also knows how many souls are entrusted to her and is therefore very good at dealing with numbers and dates. Thus, not a single soul can be lost.
"Ernsterl, I still need three dozen."
This explanation, three dozen, is still being specified and subsequently turned out to be correct. So, like she said, she still gets thirty-six souls.
"Ernsterl, we'll get thirty-six."

In between, my wife keeps providing proof of identity.
"I have a rose and it's holy."
At first I wasn't quite sure which rose she was talking about.

My wife very often gets roses placed on the table, but she speaks of a rose.
"I have your rose at home."
Now I know which rose it is. I chose this urn for her. Attached is a symbolic photo of the urn.
"I have your rose with me at the urn."

My wife had already thanked me several times that I had brought her (with her urn) home to her familiar home and she found a lot of peace with me, as she was used to in life – no slamming doors, no loud handling of dishes and pots. In any case, I am very careful to be considerate and calm.
"Ernstilein, thank you for the peace and quiet at home."

Now my wife is alone again – her friends have left her. Her friends went a different way, they all wanted to become saints. Before that they had carried out another dangerous secret operation. They penetrated, not for the first time, into the realm of darkness and freed some sick souls from the clutches of evil spirits. She said:
"I'm very worried about these poor souls."
"You can hear the sick crying close by."
Of course, the ghosts didn't put up with it that easily either. Not a week went by that my wife was not besieged by the forces of darkness.

Now I would like to explain the development of direct contact.
This really happened in September 2017 while listening to a recording. Actually, much earlier, around April or May, while evaluating recordings, my wife occasionally informed me of observations that had no connection with my questions. However, later on I was able to attach more importance to the whole thing, that there had been a certain change in communication with my wife.

A recording, as I have practiced since my early days, in which a so-called carrier, i.e. frequencies that can be modulated, are radiated into the room at a certain volume and recorded with a microphone. In this case, this is no longer necessary. Berti said:
"We no longer need a porter."
"Ernsterl, we can change the frequencies."
"I can hear you like that too – all you have to do is speak."

What is required is a means of making these messages audible. This is just any random passage from a recording from the archive and this one passage thus serves as a mediator, but the usual audio editing program is still essential.

She continued:
"We hear each other like we do on the phone – you don't have to listen anymore."
"We need the computer to listen."
The tedious listening is no longer necessary, but the computer is and will remain indispensable.
"I'm preparing for this passage – I can formulate everything correctly."
You can really consider this sensational – the message is repeated until it is adapted to the length of the passage. If that doesn't work, the wording is changed. Or, if I don't understand a message right away, it is repeated until I understand it or is also reformulated. Then she says:
"Ernstilein, you have understood that correctly now."

With this direct communication, a new era of transcommunication must have dawned for me. My wife initiated this direct contact from over there, without my doing anything. So it was now also possible for me to question some of the messages in order to present them as an addendum afterwards.

So at that time my wife was again harassed by these evil spirits and even taken prisoner. She knew her way around there in the dark quite well and tried again and again to free souls from the claws of these spirits. I advised her to refrain from such actions and to consult with the angels before taking such action. She ignored all my concerns and then endured a lot of humiliation..

She was locked in a dark cellar, had to forget everything, she had to destroy the golden star she always carried with her, which was given to her by her father for services in bringing souls home. She also had to forget all her prayers, because even the angels who were looking for her could not locate her. She may also have been brainwashed and was able to ask for my help with the last of her strength. The souls can't help themselves over there – they need our help, the help of the living. Even then, I had the impression that not everything in our communication was compliant with the evaluation of the recording.

My wife said she keeps changing frequencies so the spirits are unable to overhear our conversations and may I also hear in reverse. My wife asked me to teach her the Lord's Prayer so that the angels can find her in the dark too. I said the prayer and she repeated it. She recited it and was delighted to be able to recall it. Soon after, angels delivered her and took her to heaven, where she stayed for a few days..

I was listening to the rest of a recording. There were only a few passages left when my wife addressed me from a passage:
"Ernstilein, I have a question – I need a lantern."
I didn't think anything of it, went into the cellar and got a lantern, put it on the table and lit a candle in it. When I continued listening, I heard these strange messages from the same passage and at the same time the thanks for the lantern:
"It can start at any moment – I thank you for the lantern."
So another secret mission?
"JNow many angels come here – they all come with the blessing."
"We can stop everything – the evil spirits have all piled up."
In any case, this liberation action was coordinated with the angels and so many souls could be freed from the captivity of the evil spirits and thus saved.
"Thank you for the firelight – we were able to free all the souls."
Firelight, my wife calls the light in the lantern.
"Ernsterl, we're taking the poor souls home."

and again from the same passage. It can't be, because there were no roses in the house at the time the picture was taken, and these roses that are now on the table I bought this morning. So she noticed the roses right away.
"Ernstilein, thank you for the beautiful red roses."
As a result, there were always passages with authentic content from the private sphere.

After what my wife Berti told me, it seemed very strange to me. What did it have to do with orbit, with space? Could she have, or have had, a relationship to orbit
"Ernsterl, I was in orbit at home yesterday."
But "yesterday" is a lot further back. Since there is no time over there, "yesterday" is undefinable.
Also remarkable is what she saw and experienced there.
"I saw the Big Dipper.".
The Big Dipper is a constellation in space. The Big Dipper can also be seen from Earth.

I tried to question these messages and what came out was amazing. It turned out that my wife may have spent a lifetime or two in orbit as well.
"Ernstilein, I was there before in life – that was in my earlier life."
"I was born again – we had to live there."
Possibly she and other souls had to live there in space. Is there perhaps the hereafter, in seclusion? Sounds very unlikely.
"We could live in orbit."
"There was also a big fog."
Various nebulae are also referred to in the lexicon. So the fog isn't my wife's invention.
"I had to live in orbit – that was five years there."
My wife had to spend five years there at the time. In any case, these five years cannot be defined in any way, since there is no time over there, as in our sense.
"You can see the world from there."
At that time she must have seen the world from there, which is very remarkable.
Unfortunately, I couldn't find out anything about some of my questions, except that my wife couldn't remember everything.
"Ernstilein, I'll never know that much today."
I asked if she didn't remember something extraordinary, she said:
"After that I went to heaven."

In 1995, a good friend came across an interesting report on a trip to America and immediately brought it with him. However, at the time we could not gain anything from the report and the photo and could also attach little importance.

While searching through some documents in my archive, this extraordinary thing fell into my hands again, which could be connected to the messages from my wife right now:

Scientists had equipped the Hubble telescope with a special infrared mechanism. It should enable the photographing of invisible heat radiation. The scientists tried to find out if and how the planet Pluto is affected by the sun's heat. But what they really didn't expect was amazing images - a swarm of disembodied human beings.
Millions of luminous spirits float in the depths of space. Experts agree on the authenticity of these images, but not on the background of these human-like appearances.

A senior NASA official who leaked one of the amazing images to the press said: "We have known about these mysterious phenomena for a long time."
The "Hubble" has been sending such images since 1993, which are strictly under lock and key. But so far, caution has been exercised in the absence of an explanation of what these human-like entities in space mean and what they do.

Experts from all over the world have been brought in to understand this phenomenon – from the clergyman to well-known astrophysicists. Of course the opinions were very different. The well-known Spanish theologian Bishop Pedro Garcia said that this area is clearly purgatory, where souls atone for their sins and transgressions.

Other experts said these are electrical impulses, the very essence of life, which was neither created nor destroyed. When we die, electricity escapes from our body and in turn forms a body-like structure. Another expert claims that these are not terrestrial forms, but extraterrestrial ones. . .

The photo may not be published due to copyright regulations.

At first I thought it might just be a journey of the soul into orbit – but the sensational facts revealed by the "Hubble" suggest extraordinary accounts of what my wife over there was giving.

Is there actually a connection between what my wife said and the images from the Hubble telescope? However, I would like to pursue and question the matter further in order to perhaps present further results about the mystery in orbit..

As in all planes the souls have a home or a dwelling, so I imagined the same in orbit. I said to my wife, you were at home in orbit, did you also have a home or an apartment there? to which she replied:
"The apartment was outside – I had to live outside theren."
So yes – floating in the open air as shown in the Hubble photo.

"Have you also seen the planet Pluto?" She said:
"Pluto was in the fog – I was in the fog over there too."
"It was a completely black mist."
As my wife says, she was in the fog over there too – in a black fog. There is also the Black Fog.
"I was there once in my life."
My wife had mentioned the past life before. I couldn't find out more about it.

"I had a wrong life before."
Maybe she meant to say that she was in the wrong place at the wrong time, or was born at the wrong time.
"You could live there in the past as you can now."
"There the angel drove me."
"You can call it purgatory – in purgatory, you can live there."
Life yes – but how? Certainly without joys.

I also told her what the Spanish bishop had said about this area.
"The bishop was able to explain it exactly – there is still the great punishment."
Could the Spanish Bishop Pedro Garcia be right about purgatory after all?
Sometimes my interrogations also brought up less relevant messages, such as:
"Poor souls are in orbit – the souls were earlier in life."
"They come from all spheres – there was also danger in life."
"There were the evil spirits."
Demons, evil spirits or whatever you like to call them, these powers of darkness romp everywhere, in all spheres, in order to get hold of souls for their services with cunning and deceit.

Some messages were repeated, they were just worded differently.
"Ernstilein, I was on Earth then – I had to live on Earth before."
"I've had a wrong life before."
"I can't remember anything – I've forgotten everything."
It may well be a fact that one has forgotten all or most of it from a previous life. It is reserved for only a few people, in the case of a regression, to perhaps remember details - but certainly not everything

Since my wife visits me very often, she stands, as she says, behind me or next to me and sometimes watches my actions from above. Those images that the Hubble telescope had sent from orbit lay open on my desk and she said:
"I've been seeing these images for a long time."
"NASA takes picture from over there."
It is probably still a matter of gross matter from the hereafter.

Back from space. . .

I asked: "Bertilein, where are you now?" She replied:
"I'm standing right behind you."
I raised my right hand and held it back over my shoulder, palm up, and said:
"Bertilein, give me your hand." She replied:
"Ernstilein, I put my hand in yours."

The Holy Father, Pope John Paul II, at the end of October 1998, sent a clear message to believers about the survival of the soul after death, and this was broadcast around the world by Vatican Radio:

"After natural death there are very special conditions. It is a transitional phase in which the body dissolves and a spiritual element begins to live on.
This element is endowed with its own consciousness and will in such a way that the Man exists although he no longer has a body."

Perceptions of my wife on her deathbed.
One should not think that the time of death determined by the doctors really means dead. She could still perceive all events with a lot of feeling. Although she was in the transition phase into the other life, she remained connected to her body and the earthly for quite a long time.
Yes, how should the doctors know that? Because science denies an after-death existence anyway.

My wife's eyes were crystal clear on her deathbed. II had the impression that her eyes followed me in all directions, whichever way I moved. To her right, to her left, or even when I was behind her head. Now that we have direct voice contact, I asked her if she had seen me, her answer was:
"I could turn my eyes after you."
And further she said that she could look into my eyes.
"I could look Ernsterl in the eye."

Even after the supposed death, you don't have to believe that the deceased no longer has any feelings – for hours afterwards, my wife felt that I was holding and stroking her head until she was taken away.
"You held my head – you stroked me a lot."

Another fact is that I talked to her a lot too – she looked at me as if she were listening – and she had listened to me very well too.
"You talked a lot to me."
I also told her to take in quite a bit of light to find her way over there when she needs light – and she shared that with me too.
"You told me that on my deathbed."
"Ernstilein, I took in so much light."
Of course I told her a lot more, which I'm sure she heard.
"I could hear a lot more on my deathbed."
My wife expressed her gratitude for all this and other things.
"Ernsterl, I want to thank you for that."

When, according to the doctors, my wife was long dead, she also expressed painful feelings. When the nurses removed the rings from her fingers, they had a lot of trouble and, she said, hurt her a lot.
"The sisters hurt me so much."
And she was very sorry that the rings were taken away from her – after all, she had cried for the rings too.
"I cried for the rings too."
"You could take the rings home with you."
Yes, I was able to take the rings home with me – but only the next day, together with some documents, they were handed over to me.

Interesting perceptions of my wife at her farewell.

When saying goodbye in the mortuary, I also put a letter on my wife's coffin in the hope that she would read it too, and she had noticed it too.
"Ernstilein, I saw your letter on the coffin – I read your letter."
And indeed, she shared that she had read my letter.
Later, when I contacted him directly, Berti was able to give me amazing details about the letter, which will only be explained in a later episode.

I put some things that were important to my wife's life in her coffin. Including a picture that read, she said:
"You gave a picture in the coffin – – it says: from beautiful days."

The caption ". . . from beautiful days" was added to this picture later and she could not see this caption in her life.
"You were at the front."
Yes, I stood at the front, didn't sit down and my brother, whom she called by his nickname, stood next to me.
"Ernstilein, you were dressed so nicely – that's what I liked in life."
The fact that I was always nicely dressed in her presence is nothing unusual, she also liked that in life and always attached great importance to it.
"I slept in the coffin next to it – when they said goodbye."
"Ernstilein, you couldn't cry there – the angels comforted you."
"There were so many people – - I couldn't see everyone there."
Instead of donating flowers, I chose a home for the disabled to set up a donation box in the farewell hall. That was also what my wife wanted, as it turned out later.
"The disabled are very poor – you collected for the disabled. "
Even in life, she always had a heart for the disabled.
"That was instead of all the flowers – the flowers might have been burned."
My wife's concern was that the flowers might have been burned.
Of course I had refrained from donating flowers and instead a contribution should be made that will benefit the disabled.
"People donated there – that was your best idea."
With these words, my wife had approved of this fundraiser.

When my wife was still in the state between life and death, it is certainly natural that she would still cling to mortal life because she still had the pleasant aspects of life. She wanted to live – but not die yet, because she didn't yet know what awaited her over there (as previously reported).
Now she is over there and sees everything from a completely different perspective, so that one day she finally realized why she had to die and that was a good thing.
She said that her father brought her home – he had saved her a lot of pain and he had relieved me of a lot of worries. At the time, I didn't even have an overview of the real problems I would have faced.
"Ernstilein, my father brought me home – he saved me a lot of pain."
"He spared you great worries – he freed you from worries."

As has often been reported, the souls go home through a tunnel that leads to the light . My wife confirmed that too.
"Ernstilein, I had to go home through the tunnel – that's the tunnel through the dark"
"The souls go home through the tunnel – the tunnel goes to the sphere of light."
Here the question arises, why does a tunnel lead to the light?
MeinMy wife explained to me that our world is surrounded by darkness and that in this darkness are the beings of darkness that you definitely don't want to meet.
"The earth is surrounded by darkness – in the night are the evil spirits."
The darkness is very well represented as night.
She also speaks of the fact that some souls are in the intermediate world – between earth and darkness.
"Ernstilein, before that is the intermediate world."
"In the intermediate world are the souls that cannot detach themselves from the earth."
"You can't reach heaven."
These souls cannot detach themselves from matter. They hesitate to walk through the tunnel to the light or step into the dark.
"They will stay there for a long time."

Of course, my wife was homesick and the angels led her home to me in her familiar surroundings and she expressed her homesickness, as explained at the beginning:
"Forgive my homesickness."
Beyond the tunnel, angels were waiting for my wife and received her.
Unfortunately, friends or relatives were not there to greet my wife in her new life.
"The angels were waiting for me."
The angels spoke to her – but she could not understand them because the angels spoke other languages.
"The angels spoke to me – I couldn't understand the angels."
"The angels had other languages."
She was then taken to heaven where she was looked after and cared for.
"They took me to heaven – there I was nursed back to health."

I find it appropriate to display my wife's communications as text. Very often a message is presented in several passages. If a message cannot be accommodated in a passage after several attempts, this is reformulated.

In her situation, my wife is full of energy. She wants to develop this zest for action through love and zeal. As she told me, light plays a big role over there. On her deathbed I said to her that as she crosses over, she may receive much light and in distress turn to our Lord Jesus Christ. She later confirmed this to me – she had taken in a lot of light and that my lights at home were and still are a great help.

Back then, in the early days, she was in the spheres and there she took care of the souls, especially the poor souls who were wandering around in the spheres and became aware of their light. She led all these souls home to the secured planes of heaven and is very careful that not a single soul is lost. I had already reported about this.
When she brought home a trek of many thousands of souls, she always spoke of celebration.
I asked what are you celebrating? Do you guys sing and dance? To which she replied:
"We praise the Lord – and I sing with all my might: PRAISE THE LORD."

My wife talked about everything that was going on over there and told me not to tell anyone about it, to keep quiet. Only this ban came to me too late – I had already reported about it on my homepage, which of course caused a lot of excitement.
The site had to be taken offline immediately, as well as all associated files from the server. That wasn't enough. The strictest silence was imposed on me regarding all existing announcements and communications. With a lot of effort I was able to restore trust, which also gave me the prospect of breaking off all contacts. But she soon gave in and said:

"Life is loving and forgiving."

Perhaps this saying should be remembered.

"Ernswterl, I want to talk to you again."

And so we talked about many things, she tells things from her life that were decades ago and everything that happened during her serious illness. I was able to fathom various messages and perceptions, also from the heavenly plane, which concern you. She said:
"Ernsterl, in heaven we are good friends – on earth I am your wife."

One day a friend called me from Switzerland. He said: "I wanted to make a recording today and talk to Berti, but she didn't want to talk to me."
A little later I switched on the PC and my wife immediately said:
"Ernstilein, I was at Joe's today – he wanted to talk to me."
"Joe always does try – he tries with a carrier."
"He doesn't really resonate with me."
"He tries with a language carrier – I don't like language carriers."
"I only want the one we have – may the passage stay that way."
"A language carrier cannot be modulated."
"Ernstilein, we can talk like on the phone."

I immediately put it to the test:
late one evening, shortly after midnight, the proximity sensor triggered an alarm. I immediately said: "Bertilein, listen." then she said:
"The alarm in the basement went off – a cat passed."
The next morning I took out the memory card from the surveillance camera and found that there was indeed a cat to be seen.

I have a lamp on my desk. I took her a little closer and said to my wife: "Bertilein, what do you see on my desk?" She said:
"Ernstilein, I see a screen."
I turned on the light and put my hand under it and said: "What do you see now?" She said:
"I see your little fingers."
Now I turned my hand, palm up, and said: "What do you see now?"
"I see a glimmer of light."

                              Die Lampe                                 Schirm                                   Fingerlein                             Lichtschein
To clarify my wife's perceptions, the photos were reproduced.


I picked up a pen by the desk and asked my wife what I was holding in my hand. Spontaneously she replied:
"It's a pen."

In the early days of direct contact, I kept trying in different ways to get the right answer. And these answers have been made even more precise.

When the proximity sensor was activated in the late afternoon, an alarm went off again. I said: "Bertilein, listen." to which she replied:
"Ernstilein, the alarm in the basement has been switched on."
"It was the wind – a small leaf was caught in the spider's web."
Of course I had to check what triggered the alarm and sure enough, a spider had set up its web in front of it and a small part of a leaf was dangling in the wind. The problem was solved with a hand brush.


Now, as she says, my wife has new friends again.
"Ernstilein, I have new friends now – there are 36 young souls."
"I met her in heaven."
"How did you get to know these souls in heaven?"
"They approached me – the father sent them to me."

It has already become established that I contact my wife every day. She's always waiting for me to turn on the computer so we can talk. Because today is a special day. Today is Christmas Eve and she says:
"Ernstilein, I wish you a Merry Christmas."
"We're coming to you tonight – we'll all sing Silent Night."
My wife and the 36 souls have become inseparable friends, they are always together and always come to me together. Sometimes they stay the whole night if their father allows it.
My wife Berti doesn't forget the turn of the year either:
"I wish you a happy new year."

My wife talks about her perceptions:
"Ernstilein, the kings were at the door."
In the period between the New Year and January 6th, the "3 Holy Kings" are on the road from house to house and also stopped by with us, with a blessing for the New Year. They stood in front of the front door. My wife noticed that too and said:
"Today is the day of the Three Kings."

During the course of the soul taking home, my wife told me that she had discovered her brother who had died four years before her. He would be with the company in the dark. She also talked about getting him away from there. I said to her:
"What if he doesn't want to go?" She replied:
"Then let him stay there."

As usual, I turned on the PC in the late afternoon and spoke to my wife. But, as it turned out, it wasn't Bertilein, my wife, who answered, but the spokesman for her friends of souls. She had already taught this soul how to communicate with me and also taught the language and how to change frequencies in order to talk to me.

The soul said:
"Ernstilein, why do you say Bertilein – her name is Berti."
I made it clear to the soul why I call her Bertilein, and the soul was satisfied with that. In any case, Berti had disappeared without a trace.
I asked the soul to tell me its name so that I could address it by name, to which it replied:
"We have no name – you can call us poor souls."
I further asked: "Why don't you have a name?" To which the soul replies:
"I don't know – we were born in heaven and have no names."
In the meantime, angels have already started looking for Berti. The soul said:
"We are very worried about Berti."
"We want to find Berti."
I also asked: "Have you been with our father?" Then the soul said:
"Yes, but he doesn't listen to us."
"Why doesn't the Father listen to you – maybe He wants you to pray?"
"We can't pray – we haven't learned to."
I asked this soul if I should teach you how to pray and she agreed.
I said the "Our Father" passage by passage and my soul repeated it – it was like it was with my wife Berti. Then the soul said the prayer alone and they all had great joy that they can now pray too.

In any case, the search continued – the ghosts and her brother were also looking for Berti and wanted to get hold of her. Also this time the spirits did not shy away and used this passage for their purpose and said, while I was talking to the souls:
"We'll find Berti."

The soul said:
"Ernstilein, we were at your house today – in the basement."
"Yes, what did you want in my basement?" I asked the soul.
"We wanted to go to the Blessed Mother – but she wasn't there."
They knew that the Blessed Mother had always helped with so many concerns.

Yes, that's right – I had made preparations days in advance to frame the picture. I had already gotten the picture frame, all I had to do was trim the frayed edges straight and fasten the picture in the frame.
Just that day I took the picture up into the living area – it shouldn't linger in the basement any longer, it's been in the basement long enough.

Short story of the Mother of God picture.
Before 1970 I bought a piece of land where a derelict shack was still standing. With a lot of effort I was able to seal the roof with pieces of tarpaulin and roofing felt, but that didn't quite work. Since the beams were weathered and rotten, there was a risk of breaking through and falling. An unmanageably large amount of junk was stored inside. Over time, I was able to dispose of most of it in small stages. Underneath was a picture of the Blessed Mother, which was marked by damp and dirt. I took it and put it in a sheltered place in the hut.

After 1970 I started building our house and it took eleven years until we were able to move in in the fall of 1982. During this time I also brought the picture over to the basement, where it unfortunately fell into oblivion. A few years ago I got hold of the picture again, cleaned it up and put it in a basement compartment, which I converted into a greenhouse..


Berti had been missing for a few days, the souls always wanted to calm me down and acted as if they knew where Berti was. In reality, they didn't know themselves and just wanted to talk to me. I told the soul it's late now and I'll turn off the computer.

The next day in the evening I switched on the PC and I asked who was there now? The soul immediately spoke up and informed me that Berti was already in heaven. The soul didn't know how it happened either, and it wasn't possible to talk to Berti either.
The next day I switched on the PC in the afternoon and my soul was responsive again. She said that Berti was already there and that she would talk to me soon. I didn't believe the soul, didn't want to be stalled and turned off the computer.

When I turned on the PC in the evening, Berti answered and immediately started talking. She was with her brother in the dark, she wanted to take him with her to the light, but he put her off for a long time until other spirits came and locked her in the basement without further ado. She now had no way to report and also not where she was. There she was forced to go out into the world and seduce people. She used this opportunity – not to seduce people, but to go into hiding. And where was the best place to hide – in the dark, of course. While everyone assumed they were outside. She then attracted attention and angels took her up and carried her to heaven.

Now I could also ask my wife why her friends, the poor souls, don't have a name. She answered me as follows:
"Souls were born in heaven."
"The souls are born into earthly life – only there do they get a name."
I also asked if they were all boys or girls, to which she replied:
"They're all the same – you can't tell them apart."

It was also said that the souls were in my basement at home and wanted to go to the Blessed Mother – but she wasn't there. Berti said:
"The souls were very sad because Our Lady was no longer there."
"They couldn't explain where she was."
After all, Berti was already informed about it and said:
"She had gotten a new home – a much nicer one than it used to be."
Of course upstairs in our living area.

It wasn't long before her brother came and now he wants to go to heaven after all. My wife was very pleased about this, she blessed him and he had also pledged allegiance to heaven. But this joy did not last long and he went back into the darkness.
What really happened then, no one knows. Had her brother said goodbye to the spirit friends, or did the spirits no longer want him? Did they chase him away? In any case, he came back soon and took care of the poor souls with my wife and the souls and is very happy to be in the sphere of light. Together they now have a special task of caring for poor souls who are being trained to become guardian angels.

Every day my wife and her friends, the souls, visit me. Also this time I asked her if the souls were with her too. To which she replied:
"The souls are in the room over there – they love to pray."

One day before my wife's birthday I bought red roses and put them on the table right away and she noticed them immediately.
"Ernstilein, I see the red roses – these are my red roses."
I said: "Dear Bertilein, these roses are for your birthday."
"We can celebrate today – thank you for your love."
"Thank you for the roses."
"Ernstilein, thank you for the sun star."
The sun star is on her favorite vase – she calls this vase sun star.
"We're celebrating in heaven today l – thank you for the kind wishes."
For me it is understandable that Berti would like to have the roses with her urn.
"Carry the roses to the urn."
After all, she still has a connection to her body.

At that time, a police car with a follow-up horn drove past on our street. I said: "Bertilein, listen." She replied:
"Now that was the police."

I lit a candle and put it on the TV. My wife Berti said right away:
"I can see the lights."
"The light is on the television – I can see it from the sky over there."

I kept asking a question and it's amazing that I get answers that are even more precise.
"Bertilein, where are you now?" To which she replied:
"I'm on the books page."
On my desk I had a few reference works on top of each other.
Now I put my right hand on the stack of books and asked: "And what do you see now?"
"You put your hand on your books."
"And what else do you see there?"
"I've been seeing the red folder for a long time."
"I'm still by your side now."
"My hands are on your books too."

When you're sitting at your desk with a computer, you're more than welcome to take something to pine or drink with you. You can see how people are watching you:
"Ernstilein, you're peeking out of a can again."
Yes, this time it's some dragee biscuits from a tin and another time maybe some nuts.
"I liked them in life too."
I asked how she knew I was eating canned nuts.
"I can see that from the sky."

Another time, Bertilein had apparently observed that I had sweets at home. she said:
"You've got sweets at home again – you shouldn't snack so much."
"The sweets will take you home earlier."
Berti had previously instructed me to reduce sugar. I reduced the sugar in my breakfast coffee from two teaspoons to one. I told her that and it seems my wife still wasn't enough. She said:
"Reduce again – one day you will be grateful to me."
To which I replied: "Bertilein, you always worry about me."
She replied:
"I'm still your wife."

In a later episode she said that she would come to my house.
Then I asked where she was now. She said: "I'll be in your room with you."
I also asked what she sees on the table in the room, she said:
"I saw the beautiful orchid."
Next I asked what else did you see?
"I saw the Easter plate."
And what else did you see?
"I saw the little fire too."
My Berti gave each light a name. The little fire is a small tea light.
What else did you notice about the little fire?
"The little fire was in the golden star."
This is a gold plated ceramic tea light holder.
Shortly thereafter I noticed something else and asked my Berti what she saw. She said:
"The big flame starts blinking."
The large flame flashes because the batteries are running out of capacity and must therefore be replaced.

A longtime friend calls me one evening and he wants me to take him and his wife to lunch next Sunday as a thank you for providing housekeeping during their lengthy absence.
Since I was just communicating with my wife on the PC, she took the call straight away and asked who had called. I said to her it was our friend Bertl. Her curiosity has certainly stayed with her, just like in life, and she continued to ask: "What did he want?" To which I replied: "He invited me to dinner next Sunday." Then she said:
"But you have to get dressed nicely."
"The last time you were dressed nicely – that was when I said goodbye."
"I slept next to it in the coffin."
"You were at the front – your brother was next to you."


It's not that long ago that I was in direct contact with my wife in the world beyond. This connection was not made on my part, but the determination came from the world beyond, just like the first contact back then.
We speak like on the phone and all that is required is a single passage that we selected together from the archive and has frequencies that can be modulated accordingly. Also essential is the appropriate computer program, which is used from the beginning to call up my wife's messages and make them audible.
In addition, earlier unclear messages can be questioned and if I do not understand them immediately, they are repeated several times until I understand. If I still don't get it, then this passage will be reformulated. Of course I have to repeat that I understood it correctly. Then Berti, my wife, says:
"You got that right now."

What my wife tells me is always associated with great joy. Often there are only a few words and sometimes several passages, which have not the slightest meaning for an outsider. However, these are facts from their earthly life and also from the sphere of heaven. All clues and messages are clear evidence of identity and of great importance as evidence of an after death existence and also that my wife lives over there. All messages can be reproduced by my wife at any time and as often as you like, even if messages from over there are a long time ago. Many an episode was also unfolded from life on earth and also from me. Even up to 1959, when I came to Vienna.

The contact with my wife gave me enormous vitality in my deep grief. I can no longer say today how I managed to cope with this sad time in all the past years. I am very happy that this strong bond, as it existed in life, survived this sad time.
Again and again my wife feels the need to be close to me. If I sometimes ask in between: "Bertilein, where are you now?" She replies:
"I'm very close to you – that's a good sign."
"Ernstilein, I always want to be with you."
"I'm always at your house."
She watches me everywhere and anytime – whether I'm in the kitchen, working in the basement, or in the garden. Recently also with the computer.
"I watch you always and everywhere – I still want to learn some things."
"When I'm born again – that I can do everything then."
So spoke Berti:
"The father said – I don't need that, I don't need to be born anymore."
"You can now tell the young souls that."
The young souls are her friends who were born in heaven and who were entrusted to her by the father. These souls may still learn a great deal when they are one day born into earth life in order to prove themselves there.
On the computer we look together at pictures that are saved on the computer and photos in albums from old times. She can remember everything and explained when and where we were back then.

One evening Berti spoke to me that she would like to watch TV.
"Ernstilein, I would like to watch TV – please switch on the TV."
I was quite surprised at this request and asked: "What would you like to see – maybe a detective story?" From an American crime series, which she also liked to see in real life. To which she replied that crime thrillers are not allowed to be seen. Then it occurred to me that she always liked watching music programs in life and I was able to switch on the channel "Melody-TV". This is a commercial for the music performers. I'm not so familiar with the programs myself – since my wife Berti passed away I haven't switched on the television or the radio.
Now I asked my wife: "Bertilein, where are you now?" She replied:
"I'm already sitting in my armchair."
"And what else is with you?"
"The blue cat is with me too."
The Blue Cat was always her favorite pillow in the back.
She also asked me to change the volume as it was a bit too loud.
In addition, I worked on the PC and threw a look at the TV in between and just saw some horses in a meadow. I immediately asked Berti what she sees now. She replied:
"I see horses out in the open."
Immediately afterwards, two personalities from the hit world can be seen – I asked: "Do you also know the two people who are walking there?" The answer was:
"These are the Amigos."
Those were actually the amigos walking along and singing.
Now she asked every evening that I turn on the television and she could marvel at the big hits. Apparently my wife had completely forgotten that she had souls to look after in heaven and so I didn't turn on the television anymore.
After all, she hadn't touched the care of the poor souls and the urge to watch television was stronger. Someone had persuaded her to come and watch the ghosts on TV. There she could not choose her own program, as she later told me, but had to watch disgusting things.

That was too much for our God-Father and he immediately took Berti home to heaven and locked her in the basement. She received no punishment because our Father is not a punishing God, He is a loving God. The basement was only a security deposit, because the spirits could bring them back, they would like to have them in their ranks, as Berti told me.
Now our father brought her home and he blessed her. On the next All Saints' Day, which didn't take long, our father consecrated her, she also received a halo, which she was only allowed to wear on special celebrations and occasions. In this way, the spirits kept their distance from her and she devoted herself in a special way to the poor souls, so that they too may stay in heaven forever.

My wife no longer needs to take souls home, she only has to take care of poor souls. The souls that the Father has entrusted to her are doing great things in caring for them. They are all inseparable friends, always with her and with her. Our father had granted them a privilege that everyone could come to see me at different times and sometimes even stay with me overnight. At six in the morning everyone has to go home to heaven. Most of the time they were flown home by the angels, but sometimes when no angels were available they all have to walk home through the darkness with an angel to accompany them. Berti is happy to come home to me with the souls, because there is still a strong connection to the old homeland, as she said, and her father also very often gives them time off.
"Ernsterl, I'm still at your house."

Very often people visit me with whom we have been friends for decades and I still am. Some were very surprised at how ITK voice research had developed over time – from normal recordings back then to direct contact today. My wife knew exactly who was visiting us today. She asked me to ask the people to consecrate themselves to heaven. Of course, they also have to make a promise that they will remain faithful to heaven forever. Then my wife would reserve a place in the heavenly home for those who, as she said, our God the Father had approved. There were some who immediately agreed to it, others didn't want to commit yet and there were also some who refused. However, a second time, Berti didn't press anyone in this regard. As my wife Berti said:
"The faithful will go home – find a beautiful home in heaven –
and the others remain in the spheres."

My wife is becoming more and more involved in earthly events. She is informed about everything. When I make a call, she knows who I'm talking to on the phone, or when someone calls me, she immediately knows who called and also wants to know what the caller wanted.

Without me talking to Berti about it, she said to me who sent an e-mail:
"Sascha wrote to you."
Yes, our grandson wrote an e-mail on my second PC – which is online. He would like to come visit me with the children, our great-grandchildren, next weekend. He also wrote that he was with the whole family at the Christkindl post office in Steyr and then in the church and in the small chapel next door. He also wrote that a candle was lit for all those who are no longer with us. His daughter, our great-granddaughter, said she had to light her own candle for grandma because she dreamed of her and she was so nice to her.

He then took her aside and wanted to know exactly which grandma it was. She said: "For your grandma", she was with me in the dream and she was very nice.
Grandma is missing every day, but especially at Christmas, even those who were not lucky enough to meet her miss Grandma – Grandma died shortly after she was born. We miss her every day.
IchI read this email to my wife and the weird thing about it was her response:
"II was at Juliana – I was at her house in a dream."
"I stroked Juliana – Juliana wants to stroke me."

I also told my wife Juliana's story of suffering. When she was very young, she had a middle ear infection and the doctor could not find any accumulation of fluid. In any case, she couldn't speak – because she couldn't hear either. After an operation, this suffering could be alleviated as much as possible, but not completely.
Thereupon my wife said:
"I will heal Juliana."
I don't know to what extent her great-grandmother could intervene.

In the late afternoon I turned the computer back on and my wife remarked that tomorrow was a special day:
"Ernstilein, tomorrow is Christmas Eve – we will all be with you."
Berti and her friends, the souls that her father entrusted to her, will all be with me.
"You don't have to be alone then – we'll sing Silent Holy Night."
"We will all be together – we will always be with you."
My Berti is very sensitive and she knows what it means to be alone on Christmas Eve. Then she said:
"Today we will celebrate Advent."
We celebrated a devotional with prayers and songs. Since the prayer was a little out of time, I didn't want to have supper. My wife didn't want to accept that and said:
"You always have to eat something."
I said: "Bertilein, you always worry about me". She replied:
"I'm still your wife – I will always stand by you."
I thanked her for that and she replied:
"I did that in life too – love and loyalty is so beautiful."
In life, she was also always very worried.
"Ernstilein, we are all good souls – we also thank heaven."
"Then we'll go home together."

Sometimes the souls fly home in heaven, other times they go home. I asked what's the difference between flying and driving? To which Berti repliedi: " When flying, everyone flies home with the angels in heaven. When driving, it's just like Jesus Christ ascended to heaven – lifted up".

Every year during the Advent season, I place a Christmas bear on the covered square in front of the house entrance, with an LED candle and a deer on the left and right side. My wife noticed that too and she said:
"You photographed the deer today."
"The deer look at the lights – the bear looks at the road."
One evening when it was getting gray outside I said I'm going to turn on the lights. To which my wife replied:
"You don't have to light the lights – you just have to turn them on."
After that I was even lectured by her and she said:
"TURN ON is the right term."

From the transcript of December 30, 2018, which is one day before the turn of the year.
Here my wife Berti anticipates a bit how New Year's Eve used to be in life, so it may be this time too, and she said:
"Tomorrow we'll celebrate New Year's Eve."
"We'll toast to New Year's Eve."
I asked her: "Will you be able to hold the glass too?" Berti replies:
"I hold the glass with two hands – we do it at home like we used to."
"We do everything like before – we celebrate like in the old days."
"I want to talk about old times."
I often talk to Berti about the old days.
"Then we listen to the sacred CDs."
I had bought some CDs with songs and prayers and Berti keeps asking me to turn on a CD. She liked to listen to these CDs several times a day.

The next day is New Year's Eve. Berti speaks:
"Ernstilein, we're celebrating New Year's Eve today – we're celebrating the turn of the year."
Of course, the souls that our father entrusted to my wife Berti also celebrate the turn of the year with us. They are usually always at my house. Berti said:
"We are a family – half earth and half heaven."
"We welcome the new year – we will do it in heaven too."
"We're just toasting – like we used to do."
"I can take the glass with two hands."
"We'll toast at midnight."
"I wish you a blessed New Year – all the best my Ernstilein."
"We'll do fireworks then."
Then Berti asked me to pull up the shutters so that everyone had a clear view of the fireworks.


Sometimes my wife talks about things I've read in the newspaper. I asked her where she got this information from and she replies that she read it in the newspaper.
"I'll read the newspaper with you."
"You often leave the newspaper open – I could read everything there."
"Just turn the page – I can't do that."
It seemed that my wife is very inquisitive and she asks me:
"Ernstilein, I want to read the newspaper – and you have to keep turning the pages for me."

"Ernstilein, when I'm with you – I always look around you."
"I saw the little angels in the great light."
"I hung up these little angels in my life."
Berti has always had a fondness for little angels. She always found a place for it in showcases and shelves. Today some are still wrapped up because she couldn't find a suitable place and she didn't want to hang up or set up the little angels at random.
"You always do them with the vacuum cleaner, dust with a brush on it."
She also noticed that from time to time I vacuum the angels with a vacuum cleaner and a brush to remove any dust. Not only the angels, but also delicate objects.

Berti said a long time ago:
"Ernstilein, you are the only person in the world who receives communication from heaven."
"It will take many decades – until someone receives messages from Over there."
"That's what my father told me too."
"You really are the only one."
"That is a grace of God."

Also in heaven the souls rejoice when the sun shines. Berti said:
"We'll be happy when the sun comes up."
Berti also speaks of the light of the father and she says:
"The father has a completely different light – the light illuminates the heaven."
"The light of the Father is from Him – it is not from the sun."

I once said to her: "Bertilein, Bertilein, earlier in life we used to eat an apple in the afternoon." To which she replied:
"You always had to peel it off for me."

One day my Berti said:
"Ernstilein, I've gotten younger again – about 35 years old."
"You'll soon be 80 – together we'll be 115."
"I think we're running backwards."

Another time Berti said:
"I died at 75 – a few days before 7 and 5."
Exactly 12 days before her birthday.
"Ernstilein, I was born on March 9th and died on February 25th."
She even remembers her date of birth, date of death with time and place. Also the date of her farewell and that I took her urn home 5 days later. Home to her familiar home, for which she thanked her very much.
I was very surprised when my wife Berti expressed wishes in the first year over there, on my birthday – it was the day before, and she never forgot my birthday every year after that. Not even on our children's birthdays.
Isn't that more proof of identity?

Now I would like to turn back briefly to the time when my wife Berti came into direct contact with me, unsuspectingly, in order to present further proof of identity.

My wife had to take care of her parents' grave for many years. Since the cemetery fee was due for another ten years, I considered giving up the grave site and declaring it escheated.

was no permit for a burial anyway, but that didn't bother me at all Due to certain circumstances, I was able to decide at the last moment to take over and keep the grave site. Since the grave was already in a very desolate condition, I decided to renovate it immediately. There, because urns can still be buried. I obtained appropriate offers for the renovation and so I commissioned a master stonemason, who immediately started to carry out the job. All elements are prefabricated and assembled on site. Should take about five weeks.

Since I talk to my wife about everything, I have also informed her about this project and that it will practically be our last home. My wife Berti was probably a little surprised and she said:
"We won't be very happy at the cemetery – we could freeze to death at the cemetery."
That was certainly not an expression of joy. Maybe because her urn has been in my home in a beautiful place since the very beginning and be blessed there too.
In the end, Berti had come to terms with our last home and she said:
"We'll meet mom there too."
Even in life, Berti always said Mama to her mother.
"We all meet the Hansi-Tant'."
The Hansi-Tant' was her mother's sister, a favorite aunt who died about 35 years ago.
So she counted the people together – and said, we'll go together, all four, to heaven.
"I know we're going to heaven, all four."


It is now time to complete the burial site. So I was in no hurry and apparently neither was the master stonemason. A few months passed when I happened to visit the cemetery and light candles at my wife's relatives. When there is a lot of activity at our grave site. The old stone elements had already been removed and the new ones were put together with the help of a crane. It should be finished this day. In any case, my presence was not required and then I drove straight back home.

It had rained the following night and I could only see the rain as a blessing from heaven. The grave site was finished, but in the middle of the cover plate a large puddle of water spread. After a closer look, I noticed that the lettering was missing a letter in the lower area. A few photos were taken for documentation and so nothing stood in the way of a complaint. I was assured that the matter would be sorted out as soon as possible.

At home my wife Berti and I had a discussion and she asked me to take her in the car when I drove to the cemetery. Before that, Berti drove with me in the car a few times anyway, and when I drive somewhere, she always asks me if she would like to drive with me – her friends, the faithful souls, would also like to go with me. They love to drive, they've never sat in a car like Berti said.

The next day I got a surprise when I wanted to go to the cemetery – the car battery suddenly broke down. Not really a big problem, my son was employed at an auto parts store and brought me a new battery. In between I also spoke to Berti and she already knew that the battery was defective and asked:
"What are you doing about the car battery?"
I answered her that I've already called our son Peter and he's bringing me a new battery. She anticipated that because she might overhear the phone call and replied:
"Peter will bring you a new one – then you won't have to worry anymore."

One day later I drove to the cemetery and saw that the granite stone elements were no longer there. I pulled out the camera and had to realize that I couldn't take a picture. Like every evening, I turn on the PC to communicate with Berti. Berti spoke first and said:
"I was with you at the cemetery – I saw you taking pictures."
"It didn't work – the batteries were dead."
"Then we drove home together."

Although I had previously charged the batteries. So I went back the next day to take these pictures.
"Ernstilein, you then took another picture – the batteries were full."
In the evening, Berti spoke in amazement at what she had noticed that day:
"There were stones missing."
Only the urn stone was still there in its place. Now you had to act quickly, because there wasn't much time left until All Saints' Day and it is uncertain whether it will work out by then.

One evening my wife Berti said:
"Ernstilein, the stones came back – we had to wait so long."
"There's a nice lantern on it – the lantern needs two batteries."
It's amazing, how did Berti know that the lantern requires two batteries?
In the morning I drove off straight away and of course Berti couldn't be missing, she always wants to be with me. And indeed, the grave site was fixed and finished. I had taken batteries with me, put them in the lantern and was able to take photos. Since it was All Saints' Day a day later, I was able to buy a beautiful arrangement at a flower stand in front of the cemetery gate.
When I contacted Berti again later, I was able to show her some pictures and she was obviously very happy about our last home.
"I like the tomb very much."
"Our tomb is also very beautiful – this will be our last home."
After Berti also saw the pictures, I asked what she had seen there. To which she replied: "The Knirschnig family stands by that."
"I saw a white cross."
The cross is chrome-plated, but appears white in the picture.
"In the middle of the arrangement is a guardian angel."

Now I explained to Berti that next to the tombstone with the inscription is the urn stone in which our urns would find their final resting place. However, my wife had a different opinion and she said:
"We want to be in the ground then."
"We will have a lot of rest at the cemetery."

Some time ago the old voice researchers met in the heavenly plane, as Berti reported.
"There was Friedrich Jürgenson, Dr. Raudive was there –
there was Dr. Senkowski and Ing. Seidl."

"Hans Luksch and Pastor Leo Schmid were also there, as well as a few unknown others."
They spoke about the voices and also made it clear:
"We also have a voice association in heaven – our Father leads it."
Mr. Seidl said:
"Ernst is a good voice researcher."
"Ernest has found the right way."
The father said:
"That is a mercy."
I asked Berti how she knew all this. Berti said:
"I'm everywhere, always there – I document everything – everything is stored in heaven."

Mostly I talk about my activities of the day or the next day with my wife Berti. So it was that I had an appointment with the doctor the next day. Since I also gave the doctor's name, she remembered it exactly and said:
"I've been there before with shingles."
Yes, that's right, that was about half a year before her death.

It was just before Easter, two years ago. At that time I asked my son to set up the second computer for me again. Our longtime friend unexpectedly visited me with his wife. They were just passing through to their second home in Burgenland. I asked them to come into the house, but they refused because they didn't want to stay long. So I stayed with them and we went into the garden. My son stayed alone in the house to work on the computer. So we stayed in the garden for a while and talked there until they left.

In the evening I switched on my computer as usual to communicate with my wife Berti. Right at the first passage, Berti spoke to me and said the following:
"Ernstilein, I have to tell you something."
I replied: "Yes, Bertilein, please say what you would like to say to me."
"Peter was in our home."
I said: "Bertilein, he can go into the room– there's nothing wrong with it."
"Peter took pictures."
I asked Berti: "What did Peter use to take photos– did he have a camera?"
"He took pictures with his cell phone – that was something completely new for me."
It couldn't be that new, because you can take pictures with your cell phone for a very long time.
"What did he photograph?"
"Peter photographed the urn – he took two pictures."
"I don't want the urn to be photographed."
"He was working on the computer over there – he reinstalled the computer."
"You came in then – he just managed to get out."
"You will confront him tomorrow – he will then have to delete the photo."
"Bertilein, I'll talk to Peter."
Berti was also very photo shy in life. If she felt someone point the camera at her, she would turn around or put her hands in front of her face.

After about a week my son came to visit again and I spoke to him about it. He admitted to being in the room, but didn't take any photos. Anyway, I left it at that. I told my Berti that evening that Peter hadn't taken any photos, and Berti replied several times:
"Peter isn't telling the truth."
"Why should I tell an untruth? – He who is in heaven always tells the truth."
"My dear Berti, I believe you."

I realized why he wasn't telling the truth. He had no understanding of this matter and would like to suppress the truth to obscure evidence. He had often suggested to me that I should stop the whole thing.


It wasn't long after that event until my birthday.
My youngest brother, his wife and their two sons, i.e. my nephews, visited me for my birthday. They also took their dog with them because he couldn't stay at home alone. Since we used to have a dog ourselves, he was also welcome with me. The next day we all went to a nearby restaurant for lunch. Then it was back to me. As is so usual, we had a lot to talk about and the time flew by in no time. As far as coffee and supper are concerned, I don't need to report on them anyway, because that's part of it anyway.

After everyone had gone to bed, I booted up the computer to talk to Berti. She must have been a little excited because something had happened and she said:
"Ernstilein, I want to tell you something."
I replied: "Yes, please Bertilein, tell me." and she says:
"A dog came into the room – he made a mess of everything."
"The dog ate the schnitzel (steak)."
"Ernstilein, I'm better than a camera."
When I came into the room everything was a mess on the dresser. Some things were knocked over, others were lying on the ground. I didn't suspect the dog at all.
After going to the restaurant I had changed into something lighter and had practically forgotten the piece of schnitzel that I put on a small table. Apparently when I left the door I just leaned it ajar and didn't close it tightly.
"This is the second case now."
That's right – the first case was when my son was taking pictures in the room and the second case was when a dog was in the room and ate a piece of schnitzel.

One day my wife Berti was very sad and she complained:
"Ernstilein, nobody sends me a greeting."
"Once you've died – you're also forgotten."
With these words I felt very sorry for my Berti – unfortunately, it is a sad certainty.
Berti keeps sending greetings from over there – sometimes: "Greetings to me all", or "I send you greetings from heaven".
I probably passed on this concern to my Berti, but apart from two people, nothing had changed.

Even before that, before Berti and I had direct contact, the messages were very difficult to hear or not understand at all for other people who had never heard paranormal voices before. Because everyone listens to different frequencies and in this case it can very easily happen that voices and messages are interpreted differently. With my decades of experience in evaluating the recordings, I had developed a very special feeling for it.

A new era opened up for me with direct contact. I thought it would continue like a recording, but that was far from the case. In the beginning it was still like that, but over time I had to switch to a single passage and adapt to the changed frequencies of my wife Berti. People have told me that we used to hear clear words on a recording and now all we hear is chaos. My wife Berti also agrees and she understands what people want..

"I can understand everyone – it's a language of its own."
One could also say that by changing frequencies, another language may have appeared that no one understands or should understand anymore – except for a very few.

The transition from evaluating the recordings to listening directly was not particularly special for me. The most interesting messages were immediately logged in order not to be forgotten later. There could possibly also be a system behind it that some messages may not be audible to everyone.

And I was further accused of interpreting these messages myself. If that were really the case, then I wouldn't need the computer and the corresponding program to make the messages from my wife Berti audible and to present these facts on the Internet. I've already discussed this with Berti and she went on to say:
"Ernsterl, you can understand this language well."
"People can't understand me."
"We have learned how to change frequencies – you only need all this to hear."
Here Berti addresses the passage that is visible on the monitor:
"Here you can see the amplitudes – they don't belong to me."
"They're just there to hear me – we hear each other like we do on the phone." ."
"We can only talk on the computer – I can change any frequency."
"I'm preparing for this passage – I can formulate everything correctly."

"Ernstilein, there you have a little book."
"You have the little book by your bed."
The booklet depicts the Holy Archangel Michael and stands on a small shelf above the bedside table. It must be very old, the pages were already falling out and I was able to glue some pages back in. It was completely unclear to me where it came from. When I asked Berti about the origin of the little book, I got the answer that she received it many years ago from a woman, she also gave the name, who was very often present at pilgrimages.

"You have Michael's book – I saw the book."
"We do worship Michael – you do pray from the little book."
I said: "Bertilein, you know my way around here better than I do." replies to me:
"I'm still at home with you."
"Ich dankThank you for my home with you – I'm really happy to live with you."
"Ernsterl, we belong together forever."

The thermal switch on our coffee machine suddenly failed. Since I had another one available with a defective heating element, I took the thermal switch from this one and replaced it. My wife Berti is always with me, as she said, and follows every move I make during my repair work.
"I'll keep a close eye on your fingers – you fix the coffee machine."
"You're a good mechanic – you fix everything."
"Yes, I'm trying to fix everything."

When my printer stopped printing, I bought a used one online. I was able to work with these for seven years without any problems until one day an error message appeared.
Anyway, I tried my luck again on the net to find another one of the same type and bought two for little money. After connecting these had the same problems as my printer had before. By chance, I found a tip on the internet on how to get my type of printer up and running again. Of course, the all-round paneling had to be removed before you could get to the heart of the technology. With just a few simple steps, I got my old man walking again. I also got the purchased ones to work, but when printing, one color was missing from one printer, or two colors from the other. .
Meanwhile, my grandson also brought a printer that worked well, but not for long. Now I already had several printers and none worked.
When my wife spoke up again:
"Ernsterl, you're a good mechanic – you fix everything."
"Now you already have a printer retirement home."

"Ernsterl, I was still alive then."
"I'm good with tools – you could always use me."
Back then in the years 1968 to 1990 we had a car recycling and Berti was very enthusiastic about it.
"I disassembled the VW engines."
Everyone who watched my wife Berti was amazed at how professionally she disassembled these VW engines.
I also marveled at how far back her memory stretched to provide further proof of identity at the same time.

Berti recently reported that she had met Hans Luksch.
"Ernstilein, I met Hans Luksch in heaven – he's in another part."
"We're good colleagues too – he takes souls home, just like me."
"He takes her home to heaven – heaven thanks him."
"Hans Luksch is a good man – he also leads souls home into the night."
"Luksch packs with ghosts – he also takes ghost souls home."
That is, he also leads souls to the evil spirits who are not ready to go to heaven, who would rather be in darkness.
In return, he gets sick souls and souls that were captured by the spirits from there, so to speak in an exchange proces.
"Hans does deceive the evil spirits."
He doesn't take those souls with him right away, he leaves them there for a while and then when he picks them up, he takes many more souls with him than he was allotted. Berti also said:
"Hans Luksch is a good negotiator."
That was Hans Luksch in his life – those who knew him during his lifetime can also confirm this. I also had my doubts, because he will want to come back to pick up souls again. Berti replies to me:
"He doesn't go there anymore, there are many other areas."
The father said, as Berti says:
"Hans Luksch acted correctly."
"He gets the Golden Star for it."
The Golden Star is an award for merit.
"The souls would like to thank Hans."


It's been a while since Berti told me she could see my thoughts.
"Ernsterl, I can see your thoughts."
"I see everything in your mind."
"I see people's thoughts – and they're not always the best."
"It's scary what some people think."
"Some people have frightening thoughts."
I thought that was impossible, but it's a fact. Yes, there are even other occurrences that indicate seeing thoughts and other perceptions.

Some time ago I had to have a tooth removed at the dentist's, which was not easy. After that, a tampon was put on the bleeding wound and I had to bite down hard, so I went home.
Berti knew from life that dental treatment like this always took a long time and was associated with complications. So she asked me beforehand that I could tell her right away when I got home.
Unfortunately I couldn't tell her anything because my mouth was full of blood and I couldn't open it. Berti said I should shut up, I don't need to talk. I may think about what I say because she can see my thoughts. So it was possible to communicate with Berti without me speaking.

One evening I heard a high-pitched whistling sound just as I was talking to Berti. I paused to locate where that whistling sound could be coming from, but in a moment it was gone. After some time, back at the PC in the evening, the whistling sound was there again and I could tell that it wasn't coming from the computer. After a few days I heard that ominous sound again and suddenly Berti said:
"Ernsterl, the whistling is back."
What is strange is that Berti also heard this whistling sound without my pointing it out to her.
I replied that I could hear it, that it could only come from me, from the tinnitus I've been living with for many years.

Since 2005 I had stored a lot of photos on my PC. When I looked at some again, Berti said that she saw these pictures too. She sees these images through my thoughts. Berti asked me to look at more photos together. However, it didn't matter whether it was the photos on the PC or the printed images. Now I brought out photos from the old days. I was amazed at how Berti described these pictures – she always recognized herself when and where we were and the names of those people who appeared on the photos.

Since we, Berti and I talk about everything, we also talked about fruit. Which fruit we liked in life and which we liked less. So Berti spoke:
"Ernstilein, I didn't like oranges that much – I preferred tangerines."
Then we got off topic and Berti asked me what I cooked.
"Ernstilein, what good did you cook?"
I replied: "Bratwurst and mashed potatoes" – Berti rebuked me and said:
"We say mashed potatoes – I liked mashed potatoes."
I didn't tell Berti what I was going to cook on Friday, but she already knew what I was going to prepare. That was typical again – she could read it from my mind.
"Ernstilein, make cheese pasta on Friday."
"And what are you making for a salad?"
I answered her: "There are gherkins with that."
Berti didn't agree with that and said right away:
"Ernstilein, cucumbers don't belong with cheese pasta – that includes a green salad."
I replied: "I know that, but cucumbers do it for me too."

When we were still driving together to my brother's in Carinthia, there was a tavern just before our destination and there we always ordered Kasnudeln and there was green salad with it. In any case, Kasnudeln are a Carinthian specialty.
"They were very good at the carinthian pub – we also had a green salad with them."
"Then we went to August – August is your brother."
"We were very often in Carinthia."

On Christmas Day, December 25, 2018, Berti was very worried about one of the 36 souls that our father entrusted to her. This soul had not come home to heaven home. It was that soul which controlled the changing of frequencies and with which I also communicated. Everyone was already very worried about where this soul was. It was already assumed that she was kidnapped by the forces of darkness. They all looked for her and also asked other souls in heaven whether they had seen this soul. The rest of the time passed very restlessly and everyone hoped that she would come home after all. Since Berti also bears a certain responsibility for this soul, she informed our father about it. HE calmed her down and HE let her know that this soul will not come home anymore and will incarnate on the night of St. Stephen's Day. That is, this soul is born into earth life as a boy. Berti also said:
"This news was terribly sad for us. Now it is certain that this soul will never come back to us."
It is probably a secret of our father, because no one knows where and in which country this boy will be born. Berti had probably found out that the child would have good parents and loving care.
At certain intervals I often asked Berti how the boys were doing and she replied that he was fine and was lovingly cared for.

One day I wanted to inquire about the well-being of this boy again. But Berti was quicker and anticipated my question:
"You wanted to know something about the boy who was born and incarnated in heaven?"
In her service, Berti had perceived a soul that the boy could be. That soul was in a heaven home and so was the boy. Then Berti spoke:
"This soul is at home again."
But no one was allowed to see him. Berti asked our father if she could go see him, but HE had forbidden it.
"We weren't allowed to speak to him."
Our father certainly has big plans for this soul – because with God everything is possible.
"The souls are all very sad too – because we can't speak to him."
Berti and her protégés could not believe it and everyone was really very sad and Berti said: "The boy was about two and a half years old, he was seriously ill and died as a result of this illness. He is now at home in heaven forever.".
As a further consequence, none of the 35 souls was willing to learn how to change frequencies in order to communicate with me. Which soul will incarnate next?

It didn't even last a year – then, in a few months, 21 of these souls incarnated into earth life until shortly before All Saints' Day. One can imagine the sadness that spread during this time.
That was an occasion for the 14 remaining souls to learn to change frequencies and to communicate with me.


Here I would like to tie in with the letter which I put on the coffin when my wife said goodbye. She had said before that she had read it. However, what she read only came up much later, since we are in direct contact. She repeated what I wrote in the letter at the time:
"Bertilein, when you are in your new home, turn to our Lord Jesus Christ." Berti continued:
"I went to him – he had blessed me and taken up to heaven. Then I came to the father – I have not seen the father – no one has seen the father, the father is a beautiful light. He had blessed me and I was allowed to stay with him." In any case, I wasn't aware that the way to the father is only through our Lord Jesus Christ, which was also later read in a gospel.
Out of gratitude that Berti was allowed to stay with our Father in heaven, she had often expressed the wish during this time:
"Ernsterl, I want to become holy – I want to become holy for you."
Berti purposefully made it clear that she would learn a lot from our father's holy books and that she would help me a lot.
"When I am in heaven, I will learn a great deal – from our Father's holy books."
"When I am in heaven, I will help you very much."
And as she had already helped me, I was also allowed to report on it. This is already known from previous communications.

In the meantime Berti had, as she said, learned nine languages. I was amazed and asked her how it was possible in such a short time. To which she replied:
"We have excellent teachers."

Many years ago, when Berti was still in mortality, I received a CD from a friend. On this CD was the "Rosary of Divine Mercy", sung and also prayed. This CD remained unnoticed on the shelf for many years and when Berti died, this CD came to my mind and I prayed a lot in my grief, also accompanied by this CD. I felt the need to pray to our father and for my wife.
Also on the night of the third hour – as our Lord Jesus Christ recalled on this CD, Sr. Faustyna (literally on this CD):
"My daughter, whenever you hear the clock strike the third hour, immerse yourself entirely in My Mercy sink . . . In this hour you can ask everything for yourself and for others."
Our father had heard me. After about seven weeks, our father gave me my wife back, but not in flesh, for which I am very grateful.

By citing a source on the CD, I was able to purchase more CDs. As a thank you, I was able, also in consultation with my wife, to hold an evening prayer service to the glory of God and the Blessed Mother for every day of the week.

One day, more than four years later, Berti asked me to turn on the radio on Sunday because she wanted to hear Holy Mass at ten o'clock. Of course I complied with her wish and she asks me that we celebrate Holy Mass together every Sunday at 10:00 am via radio.

It was the 4th Sunday in Advent in 2017.
As soon as I switched on the PC, my wife Berti greeted me:
"Ernstilein, I wish you a nice Sunday in Advent."
I was very surprised when Berti asked me to read her the Gospel from the Sunday newspaper. Now it has become a firm commitment. Every Sunday for more than four years before the Holy Mass on the radio, Berti has asked me to read her the Holy Gospel from the Sunday newspaper.
"Ernstilein, I want to hear the gospel."
"You keep reading it to me – I love hearing the gospel."
If she doesn't understand the Gospel right away, she asks me to read Cardinal Schönborn's commentary to her.
Afterwards she thanked us for reading the gospel and we go to our prayer room to listen to the Holy Mass on the radio and to celebrate with us.
"Ernstilein, thank you for the gospel."
Gospels can also be heard on the evening devotional CDs. Some gospels, which are also called the good news, Berti can partially interpret himself.

I would be very grateful to my visitors for feedback.

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